Machined Housings
Raw Material Brass
Raw Material Brass
Raw Material Brass
Employees at Killeen Manufacturing
Employees at Killeen Manufacturing
Machined Plugs
Raw Material Brass
Brass Scraps
Parts exiting CNC Lathe
Parts exiting CNC Lathe
Parts exiting CNC Lathe
Stamping Coil Feeding

Since 1924, Killeen Manufacturing has been offering numerous products used nationwide!

At Killeen Manufacturing, customer service is second to none!

Our History


In 1924, Killeen Machine Tool was founded by John J. Killeen in Worcester, Massachusetts. The company started off as a family-owned, home machine shop, producing tools for planes and weapons during the war. Since then, Killeen Machine Tool now serves many more industries including locks, electronics, small office equipment, firearms, and more, while focusing on precision metal stampings, assembly, and machine parts.

Fifty-nine years later, Killeen Security Products is found by business partners Norman Doucet and Doug Maston. KSP also offers a range of products such as locksmith tools, keyways, keyblanks, etc.

Currently located in Auburn, Massachusetts, these two businesses make up Killeen Manufacturing and provide a variety of products and services all made in the USA.

Killeen Security Products KSP Worcester Massachuetts

43 Sword Street

Auburn, MA 01501

T: 1 (508) 754 1714

F: 1 (508) 753 2183

Mon-Fri 7:00 am - 3:30 pm

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